View of Lake Granbury through the trees beyond a stone-edged grassy bluff

Granbury, Texas is well-known for its small town charm and big city amenities, from performing arts and fine dining to craft breweries and downtown nightlife. But our irresistible town is also known for beautiful outdoor spaces where you can play all year-long. Here are the top 8 things to do outside in Granbury, TX.

#1 Walk or Bike a Trail

Do you enjoy strolling or biking along a beautiful trail surrounded by nature? Then you will certainly appreciate Granbury. There are several trails from which to choose where you can get up close and personal with nature and wildlife, from birds and butterflies to wildflowers and woodlands. Check out our guide to hiking in Granbury for more information on hiking and biking trails. Morphine Bikes in Granbury offers bicycles to rent during your visit.

#2 Take a Tour

If you’re interested in a unique and fun touring experience, then ride a Segway. Granbury Segway Tours offers 30-minute and 90-minute self-guided and guided tours on park paths and side streets around the square. Enjoy seeing historical homes and other landmarks that call Granbury home.

#3 Visit a Wildlife Center

You wouldn’t think to find zebras, giraffes, antelopes, llamas, and ostriches in Granbury, TX. That’s what makes Fossil Rim Wildlife Center so special, home to a large selection of indigenous and exotic endangered and threatened species, from addax to wildebeests. Book a guided tour or take a self-guided tour to see these beautiful creatures up close. The tours offer 10 miles of wildlife-view pleasure. This non-profit organization conducts groundbreaking research to benefit endangered species throughout the world.

#4 Go Golfing

Fourth on our list of things to do outside in Granbury, TX is for all of you golfers out there. There are 7 golf courses in Granbury alone, not to mention 6 more courses located within 20 miles (3 public, 2 municipal and 1 private). Plan a golfing getaway in Granbury for a weekend of swinging and putting, and hopefully a hole-in-one.

  1. Granbury Country Club, Granbury Course
  2. Harbor Lakes Golf Club, Harbor Lakes Course
  3. Hidden Oaks, Hidden Oaks Course
  4. De Cordova Bend Country Club, De Cordova Bend Course
  5. De Cordova Bend Country Club, Durant Classic 9 Course
  6. Pecan Plantation Country Club, Pecan Plantation Course
  7. Nutcracker Golf Club, Nutcracker Course
  8. Squaw Valley Golf Club
  9. Sugartree Golf Course
  10. More golf courses near Granbury, TX

#5 Enjoy Parks & Open Spaces

From city parks and wildlife centers to beaches and golf courses, Granbury, TX is an outdoor playground for the young-at-heart. Nature, hiking, sports, history, you name it, there is something here for everyone. Here’s our guide to the top 10 must-see parks and open spaces to plan your getaway.

#6 Witness the Annual Butterfly Migration

The striking Monarch butterfly will soon be migrating through Granbury on its way from Canada to Mexico. Our guests are blessed to see dozens of Monarchs gracefully fluttering by and witness first-hand the entire life cycle from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and then to butterfly. We are committed to creating a habitat for these delicate and declining insects by growing milkweed plants. Book a stay at the Inn in October or November for front-row seats to this unique display of natural beauty!

#7 Play on Lake Granbury

During the warmer months, Lake Granbury is a water-lover’s paradise. Offering a variety of activities, from fishing and boating to sunbathing and jet skiing, you’ll find outdoor fun all day long. Check out these 10 fun facts about this man-made lake in the heart of our beloved town.

#8 Stay at Inn on Lake Granbury

Located right on the shore of Lake Granbury is our very own B&B. Our award-winning accommodations provide guests with luxurious amenities and home-away-from-home comfort. Come enjoy our grassy green lawn, sparkling blue pool, and gorgeous lake views. Here are some outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay:

  • Sip a cool drink in the Adirondack chairs on the lakeside bluff
  • Take a nap on the hammock
  • Sit on your balcony and admire the 250 year-old live oaks
  • Take a dip in the saltwater pool and sit under the waterfall
  • Sit on the swing overlooking the lake
  • Relax on the porch and enjoy picnic lunch, good book or cool drink
  • Kick back on the Inn’s dock by water’s edge and enjoy the lake

Be sure to bookmark this list of the top 8 things to do outside in Granbury, TX and book your getaway now.