View of art gallery room with statue and large wall oil paintings

You don’t have to go to the “big city” for an art exhibit or a stellar live performance to stir your soul with fine art. In fact, you can enjoy the arts and culture here in Granbury, TX, along with some old-school fun like a drive-in theater. Plus, we are home to many local attractions that will fill you with knowledge and pique your curiosity. Here are 3 ways to enjoy the arts and theater in Granbury, TX.

#1 Take In a Live Performance

Granbury Live

Located on the historic Granbury Square, Granbury Live! is a fun retro building. Dazzling overhead lights flood the walkway and ticket booth. Just walk inside this intimate venue and feel the energy buzz around you as artists prepare to take the stage. And take your pick for what you want to see. This place has a plethora of singer/songwriter and comedy show options to make you dance and laugh!

Granbury Theatre Company and Opera House

Granbury Theatre Company/Opera House is a truly breathtaking beauty of a building. You can imagine stellar performances just seeing the grandeur of the facade with cascading chandeliers delicately glistening through the windows. But don’t take our word for it. Grab a ticket to any one of the many live performances. Plays, musical performances and tribute concerts are held here each year. So come se for yourself the magic of this artistic space.

#2 Enjoy a Drive-In Theater

Who knew our beloved drive-in theaters would become a novelty experience! Although they were once mainstream and easily accessible, they’re now are only available in select areas. Luckily for you, Granbury has its very own! That is, the Brazos Drive-In, family-owned and operated since 1952. Brazos will transport you back in time with this American tradition as you enjoy movies from all genres in the comfort of your car. Plus, it keeps your appetite satisfied with your favorite movie snacks and tasty options. For instance, be sure to try the Blue Bell Ice Cream Float. You can fulfill your near-forgotten sense of nostalgia as you experience an important part of American culture!

#3 Peruse an Art Gallery


Artefactz is a quirky shop that allows you to take home the art that moves you. Everything here is made by resident artist, Cynthia James. What’s more, each nature-inspired artisan piece is as individual as a fingerprint. You will find everything from art glass jewelry to sculptures. Your sense of wonder will come alive as you peruse the gallery and find something to pique your interest.  

Langdon Center Art Gallery

Originally built as a family home, Langdon Center Art Gallery is now home to art. On the weekends, you can visit this handsome gallery and see artistic renderings from local, regional, and national artists in a wide array of mediums. Your craving for art will be deeply contented after a stroll through this Granbury space.

Shanley House Art Gallery

The Shanley House Art Gallery is nestled in the historic Shanley House, a beautiful limestone building from the 1800s. At one point early in the building’s history, it was an opera house that dedicated its space to musical and theater productions. So clearly this building was destined for art and culture! Nowadays, it hosts showings, events, workshops, and meetings for the artistically inclined. It’s nothing short of a cultural haven, so be sure to put this on your list of things to do.  

Your Private Collection Art Gallery

With more art options than you even knew existed, Your Private Collection Art Gallery will dazzle you with visually appealing pieces. Drop in and feast your eyes on one-of-a-kind gifts, collectibles, and award-winning artwork. Get inspired to have something created just for you! The gallery works directly with the artists so YOU can take something home that speaks to you and fulfills your private collection needs. We have no doubt you’ll walk into this gallery and be awestruck by what you find!

If you happen to be on your getaway vacation at the Inn on Lake Granbury on the last Saturday of any month, mark your calendar for Last Saturday Gallery Night. You can tour the art galleries in the historic district, meet the artists, sip on wine, and enjoy hors d’oeuvres while music drifts through the spaces and fills your ears. 

While taking advantage of these 3 ways to enjoy the Arts and theater in Granbury, TX, don’t forget to add the rejuvenation package during your stay. You will relish the extra in-room massage pampering! Book your stay online or call us at 817-573-0046.

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