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Water cooler talk…deadlines…meetings…endless time commitments…Are your mind and body saying, “Too much work and not enough fun!”

We get it!

Sometimes the best way to give all you’ve got is to retreat, re-group, and relax. But we’ll raise you one more.

Booking a mid-week getaway to the Inn on Lake Granbury is by far the absolute best way to recharge, find your creativity, and solve that problem that’s been alluding you for weeks. How?




1-A Mid-Week Getaway to the Inn Offers A Slower Pace



Views from Inn on Lake Granbury




Breathtaking scenery surrounds Granbury, even during the week!  You can really enjoy it much more because the pace is slower.


That means leisurely time to see the area’s architecture, folklore, music, and history–all without long times.

What’s more, most attractions are located on The Square, within walking distance of the Inn!

Let’s start with everybody’s favorite, wine.




  • Bluff Dale Vineyards–Take a little ride and enjoy 15-acres of scenic country views while you sip on award-winning wines.
    (Closed Tuesday)
  • D’Vine Wine of Granbury–Located in the heart of The Square, taste several wines and chat with locals. (Closed on Mondays.)
  • Bull Lion Ranch Vineyard & Winery has a new wine store located on the Square. Guests are giving it an enthusiastic two thumbs up. Check it out! 









Silver Saddle Saloon

Then, there are our outstanding restaurants like the Ketzler’s Schnitzel Haus and Biergarten, Christina’s American Table Bistro, and the Eighteen Ninety Grille
and Lounge
–just to name a few. (Eighteen Ninety is open Tues-Sat.)


Want a fun place to go to? C’mon on down to the Silver Saddle Saloon which is also on The Square. 


It’s the only ice cream “barlour” we know of! It serves up homemade ice cream in a Wild West saloon atmosphere.

And it serves all your favorite beer, wine, and spirits. You gotta try their incredible boozy ice cream concoctions as well as their alcohol-infused flavors! There’s a  billiards table upstairs, too.




History and Shopping


As a designated historic district, you’ll find many historical buildings with placards that give you a quick snapshot of how they came to be and what they’ve witnessed over many years.


For shoppers, take advantage of the art galleries, unique gift, and antique shops. Just off The Square, you’ll find Local Goat DistilleryThey make their own spirits, vodka, and rum. Pair it with light bar food and just hang out! 


In neighboring Acton, nature lovers thrive at the Acton Nature Center. Talk a walk through a natural mini-park!


2-Staying at the Inn May Lower Your Blood Pressure


Comanche Peak RoomOne of the biggest reasons to get away is allowing others to do it for you! Here at the Inn on Lake Granbury, you can choose the kind of lodging that most fits the experience you want to create.


Whether you choose to spend your mid-week vacation in the comfort of your room, suite, or guest house, we get it! Enjoy spacious, luxurious lodgings in beautifully appointed rooms that also feel cozy. Choose a room with a steam shower, jetted tub, or lake view.


Sleep in the finest bed linens that ensure a great night’s sleep and lounge in soft, comfortable robes that get high fives from our guests. You decide the experience you want.


We’ll make sure you get it. Just remember that complimentary wine and appetizer hour takes place from 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Do join us!


Want a Mix of Activities for Your Mid-Week Granbury Getaway?

couple enjoying a mid-week mini-getaway

Want a nice mix of visiting The Square and hanging out at the Inn? We’ve got you covered!


Get a massage in your room or book a Rejuvenation Package. Then head outside to sit on the swing. Or, sink into the outdoor hot tub before or after your massage. It’s easy to let nature’s breathtaking view carry you away.


There’s also the Moments in Time hike and bike trail, just three blocks away. Grab an e-bike in town and take a leisurely two-mile bike ride!


If you want to explore more of Granbury wildlife, let us pack you a picnic basket. Then head out to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Spend the day there. Best of all, you can see all of it at your own pace. 

3-Let Us Be Your Mid-Week Travel Guide


Why not show up with everything already planned? That’s where we come in! We can help you shape your mini-vacation. When you book your reservation, tell us what you most want to experience and we’ll give you our best recommendations.


When you arrive, all you have to do is enjoy it! And, of course, that includes our award-winning divine breakfasts! Ready for some time to yourself or with someone special?  Book your mid-week getaway with us now.