There is a new production brewery breaking ground for all our Texas beer lovers right here in Hood County of Granbury, Texas: Revolver Brewing Company is a craft beer producer with master brewing in mind.

Father-and-son team, Ron and Rhett Keisler, were bitten by the beer bug when Rhett took a trip to Europe. He states that while at a food and drink establishment, the numerous types of beers were treated like real food: “It was an eye-opener,” he says. Their goal is to brew world class beer right here in the Texas countryside.

Keisler met up with native Texas, Grant Wood, to discuss their ideas and visions for the future brewery. Wood earned a degree iTexas beern food science at Texas A&M and worked for Samuel Adams Brewing for 16 years. Using his experiences with previous breweries, Wood works on creating unique flavors and refining beer to its precise flavor.

“The craft beer market is growing like crazy, and Texans drink a lot of beer,” Keisler said. “We’re making a bet on the palates of Texans, that they’ll like more flavorful beers.”

The brewery is considered a packaging brewery, not a brewpub. This means they cannot sell beer, but will be bottling for retailers. They have just released their first beer called Revolver Blood & Honey. It’s an American Wheat Ale that has already been distributed to retailers here in Granbury, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas.

Revolver is located in Acton, Texas, and only a short drive from our Granbury Texas Bed and Breakfast. The Grand opening will be October 20th, 2012. So, come and stay at the Inn on Lake Granbury and enjoy a tour of Revolver Brewery, and get a new taste of Texas. For more information on Revolver Brewery, you may call 817-736-8034. To make reservations for the Inn, you may do so online or call 817-573-0046.