Friday night at this Inn finds a bubbly group of women gathered together for a Texas retreat to remember. They started with a delightful evening of pairing delectable chocolates with mouth-watering wines.  This energetic group of women checked in earlier in the afternoon for their two-night stay before they met in our dining room for a delicious dinner prepared by Event Chef Stacy Counts.  Following their evening dinner, our guests moved on to our meeting room, conveniently located just down the hall, where they were treated to an education and sampling of fine wines and gourmet chocolates by our Innkeeper, Jim Leitch.  Jim introduced the women to several wines, including local Barking Rocks Winery & Vineyard, and a Cailfornia blend called Trinitas, and offered gourmet chocolates from their Art of Chocolate and Wine Shoppe, located on the Granbury Square.  This specialty shop carries exclusive chocolates made in Hico, Texas by Wiseman House Chocolates.  The women erupt into laughter as Jim tells them about the rich, dark chocolate that is named “Wild Woman” and another chocolate named after the chocolatier’s wife, “Snooky.”  More snickers ensue and a few under-the-breath comments are thrown about.

Sorority2Head of the social committee, Dana Gardiner, explains that this group of women belong to an International sorority, Beta Sigma Phi, but more specifically the Conroe area chapter entitled Xi Alpha Beta Iota.  Beta Sigma Phi found its beginning in the 1940s as a war-era book club for women.  Women whose men were serving in the military, often times deployed overseas for months on end, would find themselves moving frequently to unfamiliar places and surrounded by unfamiliar faces.  This book club enabled these “newcomers” to feel welcomed in new locales and made it easier for women to make new friends, thus allowing for more peaceful adjustment.

Our guests from Conroe boast a membership of twenty lovely ladies ranging in age from 47 to 80.  This group of women has traveled the four-hour drive from Conroe to meet for their annual “Beginning Day,” – a girls weekend where chapter members go away for a weekend and catch up.  Not all chapters do this, but Dana says this weekend stay is a “great way to bond over the year.”  Dana explains that Beginning Day happens only one time of the year.   Throughout the year, sorority members are matched up with a secret sister who has a secret code name.  Gifts are exchanged throughout the year through this secret sister system and the women are none the wiser as to with whom they are exchanging gifts and things with.  The sisterhood enjoys colorful and creative names such as “Put A Cork In It” and “Tool Diva.”

Dana divulged that she is “Tool Diva” due to the fact that she is a DIY fan and loves to do crafty projects at home.  Dana’s secret sister is “Put A Cork In It,” likely because she’s a wine lover.  After the wine and chocolate pairing, the group will change into their pajamas and retreat to the Lake House for the “Revealing,” where all members reveal who they are their secret sisters and they will then forfeit their secret names.   This is an exciting event that the members look forward to, but then Dana points out that they have to come up with a new code name for the following year.  As a side note, their year corresponds with the traditional school year.

Dana is the event coordinator for this getaway and expresses that she’s interested in bringing her sorority back to The Inn on Lake Granbury every year!  She states that the Inn, and its location in Granbury, “checks off all the boxes” regarding desired and required amenities for their Texas retreats.  Our room configuration coordinates with the size of this weekend’s group, numbering 17, where all women can enjoy their own king size bed.  The women have diverse interests and members are in appreciation of assets such as our saltwater pool, lake front views and lush landscaped grounds.  Our hometown of Granbury provides a wide range of entertainment options, as well, with boutique shopping, antique shopping, wine tasting, Revolver Brewing beer tasting and tour, live music, musical productions and myriad dining choices.  Granbury provides something for everyone!

For information and reservations for your social group or club getaway, church retreat or business meeting, give the Inn a call. View our Granbury, Texas bed and breakfast rooms & plan a getaway to remember. We would be pleased to customize a retreat to specifically meet your group’s needs!